Durango Colorado Real Estate

This Property is Available For Sale or Possible Trade

Durango Real Estate Available

We, John and Estell Hartman purchased the raw land in 1976 and built the commercial building shortly after. We have been working on it for well over 30 years as it has been our pleasure. We are interested in selling this property if the conditions are right and we are only interested in talking about it with serious qualified buyers. Our asking price is $2,500,000.00

We would possibly be interested in a partial trade on the property as well. Possible locations that we would be interested in
are Hawaii, California, Colorado or Arizona. We would be interested in Homes, Condos, Apartments or Income Property.

This property is a fantastic retail location as we get at least 75% of the tourists that visit the Durango and Silverton Train as well as Mesa Verde National Park. We have a captive audience here and the Deer Antler Arch, Windmill and the Gardens bring tourists in by the groves. We also own MesaVerde.com which is a powerhouse of a website for this area and we use it to our advantage. We will work out something with the new owners of this property to keep marketing it with MesaVerde.com.

We have had a retail Jewelry store here since we originally built the Trading Post. We would be happy to teach the new buyers how to continue this business if they wish. There are many other types of businesses that could be put here and most of them would do excellent as locals love to come here for a getaway.

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John Hartman (owner)